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swapping wife in Nebraska, NE

Mature Couples Swap

Matures Couple Swap in Nebraska, NE

We are a happily married couple looking to meet real and fun people. Would really love to find a woman who wants to play with a couple on a regular basis. We are very into 3somes and 4somes. We are ready to rock someones world. She is very multi-orgasmic and will go all night. So better bring your vitamins. He is used to pleasing her and wont stop until he has you talking jibberish,lol. Tess has never been alone with another woman and OH does she want to. She loves the g\g play and cant get enough.

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Soft Swinging

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Couples get together and engage in sexual activity together, but they only have sex with their own partners -- no partner swapping. But a lot of watching does go on -- and possibly some touching -- a touchy matter best negotiated in advance. The hard line for soft swinging is no intercourse between non-mates. A wider definition says that any time a couple brings in a third party, they are swinging (threesomes). But in this case the third party would only watch or be watched. Last night we had some fun with some friends of ours that we met here (who shall remain unmentioned unless they choose to share ). WOOO HOOOO was it ever a lot of fun. Both females were unfortunately limited by a monthly everything steered clear of that..Still...there is a lot that can be done. Anyway, I was curious about what "Soft Swap" is. If someone gets a bj, is the line crossed? Is it soft swap if all the attention is on the swapped partner, and almost zip on your own until afterwards? Anyway, we had a lot of fun. As always it is fun to get out, but to get out with another great couple you can enjoy... beyond many of the normal social boundaries, what a fantastic time!
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Wife Swap

Wife Swap in Nebraska, NE

Seeking Indian guy or couple
We are an Indian couple. She likes Indian guys/couples, but open to meeting others as well - you should be good looking, & very clean, dress well, good looking, be able to hold conversation etc. We will host.

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Wife Swappers in Nebraska, NE

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Hello to all . Just looking to meet some new friends.
ooking for a woman we can enjoy together. Maybe go out and have some food a couple of drinks and a little fun with. We would love to lay you down on the massage table give you a nice warm massage with some toys and than when your ready let me fuck your brains out as the wife smacks your ass. We are a good looking couple, fit, very clean and d/d free. We would also love to see a woman suck the cum out of my hubby. That would be a big plus. We are new to this and have not been with a woman before. We are looking to try it out and to tske things slow at first. We think massage would be a good way to get tings stsrted. You need to be fairly good looking and in reasonable shape. You don't have to be a 10 but just someone who looks after themselves. Give us a shout if this sounds like a night you are up for I am very good with my hands i believe thats what's pulled the wife in .

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Hot Swingers in Nebraska, NE

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Cute bi couple looking for the same for chilling/dating/sex
We are a happily committed bi-poly couple. We've been feeling a little isolated since we haven't really met an awful lot of other people like us. So we're reaching out into the ether to see who reaches back. We've learned to be completely honest and forward with each other and we'll do the same in this post. We'd much rather lay it all out in the beginning so there are no surprises along the way. If you are also a poly couple you will recognize that total honesty and open communication is REQUIRED for this kind of alternate lifestyle to work. Yes, we know its hard, yes we know there is much to overcome, but the payoff is huge. We are looking for a bi couple to date. This is not just about sex. We want to get to know you guys, hang out, and see what connects. Would love to drag you guys to fire island with us! When you contact us, we will send you our okcupid profile links so you can read up about us more in depth. I'm laid back, stable, straight forward, free spirited, relaxed kind of guy. I love to be in motion and try to keep as active as possible. I've dragged my poor GF to key west, orlando, Fire island, NJ, and anywhere interesting I feel like taking her :) I'm a great kisser, we're both party friendly (nothing hard!), we always have a great time. If you're good to me, I'll treat you golden. She's also pretty laid back, open minded, very easy going, chill kind of girl with a quirky sense of humor. You may be assaulted by puns. She loves to bake, loves pie (hehe), and underwater hockey (yes it exsists and yes its awesome to play!).

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Couples Swapping

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Professional, Sexy & Sane Couple seek Same - mw4mw
Professional, Sexy & Sane Couple seek Same - mw4mw. Hey folks... It's been a long month and we are decidedly in need for some playful, nutcase-free release and fun. So, we turn to craigslist. Unlikely, yes... but hey, we're optimists. So here's our thought: we'd like to find a brainy, perhaps nerdy but classy and fun couple to hang out with. Once we determine we dig and you dig us, we'd like to remove all clothing. Then, we'd like to hang out some more. Pun intended. We are NOT looking for immediate swapping, Olympic level positions or retreat style craziness. So if you lead your responses with "Cpl here, full swap. Send Phne #"... let's just agree to disagree and we wish you luck nut please move on. We're looking for folks who want to have a sexy evening, some visuals that will stay with us all and some REALLY good conversation. Respectful of limits, and looking to enjoy an experience with their significant other. We're going for playful here, folks. To be clear here, in case it's getting lost in the rambling... we want to perform and have sex in front of a couple doing the very same. Hands to ourselves, eyes everywhere. If you want to bring some help (toys, lube, nipple clips, collars, etc.), more power to ya because my little girl is going to turn on her little sub side and needs her Dominate Man to handle her as he sees fit. By the way, he's 41 and she's 38.

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Cpl looking for Cpl in Nebraska, NE

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Somos pareja de matrimonio, buscando diversion con otras parejas y chicas con mucha discrecion e higiene. No somos esbeltos y esculturales tampoco buscamos necesariamente eso, solo queremos divertirnos y expandirnos en el ambiete SW, solo pedimos higiene y discrecion y asi disfrutar al maximo de los placeres del sexo en tooodo el sentido de la palabra.... Hasta luego y besitos humedos en sus cositas ricas!!!

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Looking to Explore

We're a fun loving couple that has been together for 16 years and my wife is looking for women in Nebraska, NE to add a little spice to our relationship by exploring some of our fantasies, such as swapping with another couple. Let us know if you're a couple that has the same thoughts? We would love to know how others wife swappers in Nebraska, NE have gone about meeting for the first time? Has any one found a couple that has met your desires or have you just dived into swapping with anyone you've spoken to? We hope to have some chemistry. What do you think? Hope to speak to you


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